Our Organisation


We are the Economic Justice Network of the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (EJN of FOCCISA). FOCISSA is an ecumenical fellowship comprising of 12 National Christian Councils (NCCs) in Southern Africa. FOCCISA was founded in 1980 as Fellowship of Christian Councils in East and Southern Africa (FOCCESA) and as FOCCISA in 1999. Its objective is to enable Christian councils in the sub-region to pool their resources and energy around new ecumenical spaces that bring the search for unity closer to home and advance the Prophetic Voice in society.

Our vision

is to harness the resources of the southern African region for all of its people, with a view to bringing about economic justice through the transforming agency of Christians compelled by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our mission

is to strengthen the commitment of the church in its advocacy work on economic justice and to act as a catalyst for engaging people in the promotion of just economic and social structures. The Network will establish mechanisms to bring the experience and concerns of the marginalized and the poor people to the agenda of the church and society.


Our specific objectives are:

  • To develop and implement effective advocacy strategies and interventions on a selected number of priority issues affecting the region, through joint conferences, seminars and workshops
  • To undertake relevant research on issues of concern which can be used in the advocacy activities of the National Christian Councils, EJN and our partner organisations
  • To facilitate information gathering, dissemination and exchange within FOCCISA and with partner organisations on the key priority areas (Extractives Industry, Tax Justice, Debt, Trade and Food Security and Climate Change)
  • To encourage economic literacy programmes by the Churches at all levels
  • To liaise with similar networks in southern Africa, greater Africa and globally in order to collaborate on issues of collective concern