The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran community of faith, manifested in parishes and dioceses in Sweden. Church of Sweden - International affairs is a part of the worldwide church with long and deep relations with other churches around the globe.

The Church of Sweden - International Affairs works for a just world without hunger, poverty or oppression.  The organization works to change the forms of injustice that hinder people from having a better life. This concerns among other things; how the Swedish influence international trade rules, environment issues, climate change and poor countries’ debts.

Church of Sweden - International affairs has around 90 employees in Sweden and more then 8 000 volunteers engaged in spreading information, fundraising and advocacy for international missions and diaconia. Church of Sweden is a member of the World Council of Churches and Lutheran World Federation as well as regional and national ecumenical networks.

It has a long history of working with development co-operation and emergency relief. The development cooperation is through local partners in about 40 countries. Long-term relief work is based on a global network with local partners that can provide help quickly and work preventively to mitigate the effects of future disasters.

EJN’s partnership with Church of Sweden has grown from strength to strength over the years. We both work for economic justice, fair trade, against poverty and child labour, while showing respect for human rights and supporting sustainable agriculture. Church of Sweden wants to make consumers use their power to change things by buying fair trade marked goods. That will give small producers in poor countries a fair pay and dignified life conditions. EJN uses this partnership to further promote economic justice as well as educate and advocate on issues of ecological debt and climate change. As a result Church of Sweden has become one of our core funders.

Church of Sweden strives to make it possible for all people to support themselves today, and to secure that the resources of the earth will last to coming generations. Environment friendly farming, tree planting, education and lobbying concerning climate and water issues are important parts of this work.

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