Diakonia (Greek, meaning care and service) is the joint development organisation of five Swedish churches: the Alliance Mission, the Baptist Union, InterAct, the Methodist Church and the Mission Covenant Church. It is the members of these congregations who form Diakonia's support base.

The organisation was established in 1966 and the Head Office is situated in Sweden. Diakonia also has regional offices in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America as well as local offices in several countries. Over the decades, the organization has managed to uphold its vision which hopes ‘for each and every human being to live a dignified existence in a just and sustainable world, free from poverty.’

Diakonia works in partnership with about 400 organisations, churches and non-governmental groups in some of the poorest countries in the world. The organization gives support to people who suffer from poverty, oppression or violence in order for them to be able to change their situation.

Diakonia has been partners with the Economic Justice Network for several years. The organization’s dedication to support our work has been tremendous. Diakonia and EJN share and contribute skills and resources in order to reach a common goal. The partnership we have had has allowed for capacity building and organisational development. As a result, the organization is one of our core funders. The struggle for a similar cause in the form of social and economic justice issues has enabled the partnership to strengthen.

Project areas that have been supported in our partnership include the fight against unjust international trade agreements. Another is debt cancellation, where repayments of the debts prevent poor countries from providing their people with food security, education and health care. Reducing poverty is also very important. In this case, more and better international development aid is needed in order to eradicate poverty. Rich countries have a great responsibility. But development aid alone will not change the situation. A life of dignity requires that society as a whole works – that it is imbued with trust between people, justice, solidarity and mutual responsibility.

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