Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a voluntary, ecumenical organisation that works to promote the basic rights of human beings. The Head Office is in Oslo, Norway and has offices in 65 countries worldwide.

The organisation is rooted in the Christian faith and is founded in the belief that all human beings are created in God's image as equals with the same basic rights and obligations. Hence, they manifest God's love in the world by challenging indifference, improving the living conditions of the poor and promoting basic human rights regardless of gender, political beliefs, religion or ethnic origin.

Norwegian Church Aid bases its work around the five core values of compassion, justice, participation, integrity of creation and peace.


NCA collaborates with ecumenical and other local organisations in three ways:

•             Emergency response

NCA works to save and protect lives in disaster situations. This involves providing the necessary help and contributing to the relief effort where most required to do so at any given time

•             Long-term development work

NCA works for the poor and vulnerable by giving long-term support to partner organisations in their local communities. Improving human lives demands a both determined and patient contribution, and NCA's goal is to help people to help themselves and improve their own situations

•             Influencing attitudes and decisions

NCA works to influence attitudes and decisions of individuals, churches, communities, governments, international bodies and trans-national corporations. This is how we promote democracy, fight for the human rights of the poor and vulnerable and work to preserve human dignity.

Norwegian Church Aid has two main sources of income: Private donors and the Norwegian authorities. Annually, they receive around 110 million Norwegian Kroner from private donors. This kind of support has enabled NCA to continue doing the work they do. Our partnership with NCA has seen them support us as our core and project funders.

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