Oxfam Great Britain (GB) is an affiliate of Oxfam International. Oxfam GB is committed to saving lives and developing projects that put poor people in charge of their lives and livelihoods, to campaigning for change that lasts. Oxfam GB fights poverty in three ways; campaigning for change, development work and emergency response.

It must be noted that Oxfam GB has done a lot of development work in South Africa. Our partnership with Oxfam has allowed EJN to focus on the economic justice issues that the SADC region faces.

One of the areas Oxfam GB focuses on is creating effective and accountable systems of social delivery. The focus is on health services that are effective in dealing with the HIV and Aids pandemic and responsive to the specific needs of women and the obstacles that they can face in accessing services.

An area we both work on is Trade and Justice. Oxfam GB has stressed that the rich countries dominate the World Trade Organisation (the WTO), which agrees the way countries should trade. As a result, the rich countries set rules under which poor countries continually lose out. Oxfam GB and EJN both advocate for fair trade and an end to double standards. That is, poor countries should not be forced to keep to trade rules that the developed countries don’t obey themselves.

Debt and Justice is also an important project that Oxfam GB, like EJN, works on. In this case, both partners have agreed to advocate for debt cancellation. Impoverished countries are being forced to repay debts far bigger than original loans made out to them. It is not right that instead of spending this precious money on essentials like schools and hospitals, the money is pocketed my developed countries with an ornate standard of living.

EJN is proud of the partnership it has with Oxfam GB and hopes to continue giving people the necessary support and information that promotes their rights and economic justice.

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