In the face of all the tax and governance injustices, the region has not had a social movement to resist and revolt against this. CSOs and citizens alike, have not been able to successfully come up with organic strategies to help curb IFFs and pressure governments to resist neo-imperialism in the form of foreign investment.

Noting the challenges in the region with regards to IFFs, EJN seeks to facilitate and support the creation and strengthening of an IFFs platform covering the Southern Africa region, the Southern Africa Tax and Governance Network (SATGN). This platform will provide a space for strategic discussions with various stakeholders interested in curbing IFFs. The platform will strengthen the ongoing collaborations among CSOs, INGOs and Donors working to end IFFs. Lastly, the platform will bring a much needed unified voice to the region, allowing those lobbying and advocating on these tax justice issues to speak with one voice and work together on the same.

The SATGN is meant to amplify community voices against these social and economic injustices to secure a dignified legacy for future generations in the region.

A platform of this magnitude would be underpinned by the desire to staunch the flow of Africa’s wealth through the multitude loopholes that exist due to weak institutional and legal frameworks and inadequate capacity to investigate and bring the perpetrators to book. It is currently in its nascent stages under guidance of a steering committee consisting of major CSO networks already actively working on tax governance and IFFs in Southern Africa and has a membership from existing Publish What You Pay coalitions and the National Alternative Mining Indabas.

The purpose of the platform will be to bring together a new sustained multi-stakeholder dialogue, content and debate across Southern Africa on governance and taxation issues informed by research that is inclusive of a wide variety of voices with links to national, regional and international partners and their work.

Objective 1: Consolidate civil society efforts on tax justice and build a strong social movement under an umbrella organisation Southern African Tax Governance Network (SATGN) that confronts tax injustices in the region

Objective 2: To build a body of knowledge on Tax Justice and IFFs in the sub-region

Objective 3: Create linkages with regional, continental and international tax justice initiatives