The Southern Africa Trust (SAT) was established in 2005 to support civil society organisations in southern Africa to participate effectively and with credibility in policy dialogue so that the voices of the poor can have a better impact in the development of public policies.

The organization supports processes to deepen and widen participation in policy dialogue with a regional impact on poverty. It is an independent, regional, non-profit agency registered in South Africa.

SAT works with a diverse civil society organisations from southern Africa and beyond. In addition, the Southern Africa Trust has strong collaborative relationships with civil society, governments and governmental and inter-governmental agencies in the national, regional, and global spheres.

The Southern Africa Trust strives to be a thoroughly professional organisation that is committed to the highest standards of ethical governance, transparency, and integrity, while at the same time ensuring that the support we provide can be accessed widely in a non-bureaucratic manner.

SAT’s vision is therefore that policies and strategies across the region work to end poverty.

The Southern Africa Trust believes that an end to poverty is possible in southern Africa if there is improved institutional capacity, participatory and accountable systems of governance, appropriate public policies across the region to overcome chronic livelihoods insecurity in the context of an HIV/AIDS pandemic, and better international financial and trading systems.

The purpose of the organization is to support processes to deepen and widen engagement in policy dialogue with a regional impact on poverty so that the poor have a better say in shaping policies to overcome poverty in southern Africa.

EJN’s partnership with SAT has allowed both parties to facilitate regional policy dialogue focused on overcoming poverty. The grants from SAT have enabled EJN to continue with its work on Food and Justice in the SADC region.

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