Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) is an international network of over 90 Churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on global trade and on HIV and AIDS. Working with these groups, EAA strives to better inform policies and practices of governments and local communities.

The organization brings the widest range of Christian organizations together solely for the purpose of acting together for justice.

By working together, Alliance members are better able to challenge the policies and practices of governments, international institutions, corporations and our own communities in order to bring about a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Strategic actions take place at local, national and international levels and use different methods, including education, grassroots campaigning, lobbying and capacity building.


By becoming a member of the Alliance, churches or Christian organizations unite in solidarity with others all over the world who share a common vision of justice, dignity and life.

EJN as a partner represents tens of millions of Christians around the world who share the conviction that advocacy against unjust structures, practices and attitudes should not be a task we engage in when it is convenient, but must be a fundamental requirement of living out our faith.

In our work in the area of Food and Justice, EJN has helped in making a contribution to ending the injustices in the SADC region. Hunger is an appalling reality in our world, especially because there is no need for it. We grow enough food to feed double the world’s current population if it was shared equally. Hunger today is not due to the physical limits of our planet but to the social limits in the ways we have chosen to produce, share, buy and sell food.

From 2009-2012, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance will focus on food – in order to overcome hunger and to improve livelihoods in harmony with creation and social justice. EJN is proud to have Rev. Malcolm Damon (EJN Executive Director) as Chairperson of the Food Strategy Group of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA). This appointment further illustrates EJN’s growing partnership with the EAA.

Trade is not an end in itself, but should be an instrument for the promotion of human well-being, sustainable communities and economic justice. EAA and EJN have both worked tremendously to achieve the much needed economic justice in the SADC region.

As a partner of EAA, EJN seeks a world where global trade systems give priority to people who live in poverty. The biblical standard for economic activity is justice and taking the side of the poor: fair payment, transparent relationship, no exploitation, and respect for life.

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