Zimbabwe Manicaland and Midlands Provincial Alternative Mining Indabas

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Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) recently hosted the inaugural Zimbabwe Provincial Alternative Mining Indabas (PAMIs) in Manicaland and Midlands on the 24th -25th of March 2013 and 9th – 10th of May 2013 respectively. The two were held under the theme “Making Mining Responsive to Community needs”. The objective of convening these indabas was to provide an open platform for communities affected by mining operations to discuss the impacts of mining on livelihoods, human rights and environmental sustainability and come up with workable strategies and solutions that will result in their rights being respected by government and mining companies. The discussions and deliberations during the PAMI enabled communities to share experiences and strategies on how to demand for the respect of their rights by government and mining companies. The other result was the identification of key legal and policy gaps that should be addressed by government. Read the full report here .


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