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CSOs say "Yes, we must!" at SADC Gender Ministers Meeting

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On the 14th of February 2013, The SADC Gender Protocol Alliance – on behalf of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) – presented their declaration at the SADC Gender Ministers Meeting.  Their campaign slogan has changed from "yes we can" to "yes we must" noting the urgency needed to achieve the 2015 targets. The speech read by Emma Kaliya noted the One Billion Rising campaign and called on Ministers to denounce rape as a weapon of war in the region. She also called for a position paper on the linkages between gender and climate change. For the full speech click here.


Tax avoidance blamed for Africa’s loss of resource income

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The top 10 global mining companies have an estimated 6 000 subsidiaries, many of which are located in tax havens, Alvin Mosioma of Tax Justice Network Africa told delegates at the Alternative Mining Indaba on the 4th of Februay 2013. Mosioma said this complicated network of companies was part of “the flawed financial infrastructure” that resulted in Africa losing a significant portion of its resource income through complex tax avoidance schemes. He was speaking at the 4th Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) held in Cape Town. Read more

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CSOs say no to a deal that doesnt address Climate Change causes

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African Civil Society organizations met today to urge the continents' negotiators at the UN Climate change summit in Doha not to accept a deal that does not address the underlying causes of climate change. Pan African Climate Justice Alliance and its partners warn against manipulative tactics from rich countries to delay badly needed commitments to deep emission cuts and climate financing. They also insist that climate finance is not aid but debt owed by developed countries to developing countries for causing climate change. Click here for the full Press Statement.


EJN still has faith in Doha

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Mandla Hadebe the EJN Programmes Manager is currently with other Southern African faith leaders representing the We Have Faith - act now for climate justice campaign in Doha, Qatar, during the climate negotiations (COP 18). As an inter-faith platform, the We Have Faith statements reminds us the ‘In all of our religions is the notion of responsibility – the responsibility to our Creator, to each other, to other species, and to the ultimate truth which is the foundation of our salvation and enlightenment.’ For the full statement and demands click here .


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