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Transport Hurdles Limit AGOA Benefits

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Lack of developed transportation network in the region is among the hurdles hindering landlocked countries from maximising the benefits from the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA). This was highlighted during the just concluded AGOA forum, where US and Sub-Saharan Africa governments and private sector discussed the trade opportunities and challenges among AGOA member countries. Read more.


Food Security Goes From Bad to Worse

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Mohale's Hoek — Initial estimates of the damage to Lesotho's already ailing agricultural sector - caused by a year of too much rain followed by a year of too little - suggest that an unprecedented number of small-scale farmers harvested nothing this year. Heavy rains and flooding cut Lesotho's maize production by nearly half during the 2010-11 farming season, causing the price of maize meal to increase by 24 percent between March 2011 and March 2012 and putting a heavy strain on the 40 percent of the population already living in extreme poverty. Read more.


Summit fails the world's indigent

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The Rio+20 conference, like its predecessors, will betray the poorest people on the planet the most, writes Sipho Kings. This article provides an overview of what happened in Brazil this year and explains how it produced very poor results, failing to meet the expectations of anyone at the People’s Summit. Read more.


Rio+20 Summit condemned as sell out of people & planet

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Friends of the Earth Malta said that it echoes the conclusions made by colleagues from Friends of the Earth International who were present at the Rio+20 summit. “They strongly condemned world leaders for selling out people and the planet in their Rio+20 declaration which falls way short of the action needed to tackle the planetary crisis we face, and does not include any of the real solutions demanded by the people at the alternative Peoples Summit. “The lack of political will from governments is rooted in the undue influence of corporations over governments and UN institutions. But pressure from civil society groups and movements and developing countries prevented world leaders from agreeing an even worse Rio+20 declaration that would have taken the world further backwards than we were twenty years ago.” Read more.


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