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The South African Network On Inequality (SANI) is taking big steps in making WORLD FOOD DAY (18 OCTOBER) a 365 days event rather than it being a one day's thing through engaging experts in food security on ongoing dialogue aimed at forging strategies to remedies the situation.


SANI a Project within the Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA (EJN) in collaboration with Oxfam is engaging its members in Food Security for there are very worrying factors on food insecurity and poverty in the Eastern Cape.


WHEN : Today 07 October 2014

TIME : 09h00 – 17h00

The analysis of food security in South Africa reveals patterns that differ markedly from those experienced in other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Although South Africa is broadly self sufficient in food and ranks well above the average (about 80th) in GDP per capita, large numbers of people still experience significant levels of food insecurity.

Trends are difficult to establish due to poor and inconsistent data, but the consensus is that while the experience of outright hunger has fallen significantly since 1994, under-nutrition remains significant. Stunting affects 20% of children between 1-9 years and South Africa is still one of the bottom 20 countries in the world with the worst rates of under-nutrition (Altman et al 2009)

Poverty, food insecurity and inequality are skew globally and the Eastern Cape is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa - "present 26% of South Africa' population regularly experiences hunger, and an additional 28.3% are at risk of hunger" (SAHNANES, 2013).

- According to the General Household Survey (GHS – 2012) conducted by Stats SA, levels of food insecurity are highest in the Eastern Cape province (36.2% of the population), followed

by Limpopo (30.8%). Western Cape has the smallest percentage of food insecure households at 16.4%, while Gauteng has 19.2%.

But the event the focus will be on South Africa (Hidden Hunger research conducted by Oxfam in all 9 provinces of South Africa. The research concentrates on the faces of hunger and malnutrition in a food-secure nation.

Internationally launching the "Changing Food Systems and Inequality: the case of Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and China in the BRICSAM countries). BRICSCAM – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Indonesia & Mexico) – The research was conducted by the Civil Society Network within the BRICSAM Countries, funded by Oxfam and the European Union.

1. The event will also offer participants an opportunity to influence the upcoming Cross Country research on: "The role of Multinational Corporations in Food Production and Distribution: the case of South Africa and Mexico".

2. Reason for hosting the policy dialogue and research Launch in the Eastern Cape will ensure that organisations specialising on Food Security in the EC and SA in its entirety are capacitated to advocate for National and International Policy reform on Food Security, that address hunger and food insecurity.

3. The event will be attended by prominent food security experts in Civil Society from across South Africa. There will be live feed through Skype to other BRICSAM CSN colleague during the event.


SANI was launched in October 2013, to empower South African CSOs to engage policy and decision makers on specific issues of inequality and poverty, namely in areas such as economic policy and governance, land and agrarian reform (including food security and livelihoods), and social protection. The launch of SANI included CSOs, CBOs and research bodies ( mainly national and provincial CSOs). This network is linked to Oxfam's broader BRICSAM programme, "Empowering CS Networks in an Unequal, Multi-Polar World", which aims to reinforce the ability of CSO networks to represent their national constituencies around development and inequality issues.

SANI has the following thematic areas:

1. Economic Policy and Governance

Tax Justice and Extractives

National Minimum Wage

2. Land and Agrarian Reform (including food security and livelihoods)

Food and Climate Justice

3. Access to Services and Social Protection

National Health Insurance

The event will be attended by prominent food security experts in Civil Society from across South Africa. There will be live feed through Skype to other BRICSAM CSN colleague during the event.


SIBULELWE POSWAYO - 078 732 3691

SIMON VILAKAZI - 082 269 2829

Contact (the South African Network on Inequality) on:

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Or Twitter - @SANImember

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