Our Team

Our staff our drawn from a wide social background and number among them people with Masters degrees in Theology and others with significant years of experience as journalists. But they stand united in their dedication to economic justice for all.



MalcolmDamon1Rev. Malcolm Damon is a founder member of EJN, which was formed in 1997 in Zimbabwe to serve the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa on economic justice issues. He joined EJN in 2001 and as Executive Director takes overall responsibility for the organisation’s work. He serves (ex-officio) on the Steering Committee of EJN and works closely with its members and the General Secretaries of FOCCISA.  

Malcolm studied theology at the University of the Western Cape and obtained a M.Th from the university, specialising in economic justice. In 1994 he gained a M.Th from Princeton Theological Seminary (USA), with courses in Medical Ethics, Ethics and Economic Life and Social Ethics.

Malcolm is passionate about the role and responsibility of the Church in economic, social, political and environmental justice. He serves as Chairperson of the Food Strategy Group of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), is a member of the Ecological Debt Working Group of the World Council of Churches (WCC), and an executive member of Industrial Ministry of the Reformed Church family in South Africa.


Percy1-staffPercy Makombe’s strength is in developing and managing programmes, policy and campaign work. He has advocacy experience in working on issues that are of concern to the South, such as trade, aid, development, debt, governance, human rights, structural adjustments programmes, gender relations and the environment.

Prior to joining EJN as Programmes Manager, he was previously responsible as deputy director for the strategic direction and management of a regional NGO, SEATINI (Southern and Eastern African Trade Information Negotiations Institute). He has also worked as a journalist and editor on magazines and newspapers including Zimbabwe Independent, Moto and Africa Film & TV, Mundo Negro and Africa News Bulletin.

Percy has worked for the Zimbabwe Institute as well as the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He holds a BA General and a post-graduate diploma in media and communication studies from the University of Zimbabwe. In addition he has a Masters degree in Globalisation and Communications from the University of Leicester (England). He is currently studying part-time for his D Litt et Phil with the University of South Africa. He is devoted to the fight for social and economic justice for a better for all.


Marcel1-staffMarcel Carnatz-Hanslo has been a pillar of the Economic Justice Network's Finance Department since 2003. Before joining the Economic Justice Network, she worked at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Her educational background includes Business Management and Labour Law qualifications. She is currently studying Social Welfare and Foreign Languages. In her capacity as Financial Manager, she is responsible for all financial matters within Economic Justice Network.

Her passion for economic issues led her to this field, enabling her to form part of an organisation that deals with them. In 2000 she formed an organization called "It's My Life" for abused and neglected children in order to help those who cannot help themselves. She is an active volunteer helping in poorer communities.

Her other areas of interest, among many, are philosophy, religion, history, environmental issues, gardening and wildlife. Her mission is to make a difference in the world. Marcel believes that unity is strength and we can make a difference.


Simon1-staffSimon Vilakazi joined EJN in 2006 after working for the Basic Income Grant (BIG) National Office (South Africa). He graduated with a Sociology (Honours) degree from the University of Cape Town and continued to study for Sociology Masters degree at the same university. His areas of work at the Economic Justice Network are food security, poverty and other social issues. Simon is passionate about issues of social and economic development, trade, poverty, population, race, culture, religion, debt, aid, education, capacity building and computers.


Phindi1-staffPhindiwe Siwela has worked for the Economic Justice Network since 2006 after working for Grassroots Educare Trust and Adult Training in Cape Town for many years. Educationally, she has an Advanced Diploma in Adult Education, obtained from the University of Cape Town. Her interests focus on marginalised communities.

Her responsibilities at EJN include overall administration duties and management of the Director’s and programmes staff members’ diaries. She is alos responsible for arranging travel and other logistics issues for the organisation’s events and activities. Phindiwe is a pillar of strength at our office.


Rumbi1-staffRumbidzai Masango is completing her bachelor of Social Science in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Cape Town (UCT). She will spend a year at EJN as an intern. Her areas of interest are in the political field, particularly international relations, democracy, justice and Third World politics. While with us, she will be assisting in the project area of Trade and Justice, which covers issues such as the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and Informal Cross Border Trade (ICBT).


Sofia Svarfvar is from the Church of Sweden and will be with EJN for 2009. While with EJN, her primary responsibility will be Debt and Finance, with particular emphasis in the areas of Ecological Debt and Climate Change. Sofia has a Masters degree in Economics from the Swedish University of Agriculture. She has been working in the field of economic justice and sustainable development for several years. Sofia has focused her work at the Church of Sweden on advocacy, lobbying and popular education on fair trade, aid and debt. She has also been a part of World Council of Churches global referents group on Poverty, Wealth and Ecology


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