Extractives Industries and the Alternative Mining Indaba

Extractives Industries and the Alternative Mining Indaba


EJN’s work on Extractive Industries began in 2010. Much of this work included building a strong movement of faith leaders and organizations demanding to have a voice in the mining sector and the protection of their socio-economic interests and rights, especially from multi-national corporations (MNCs) operating mines in their areas. This movement, the Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) has had the active participation and collaboration of National Christian Councils (NCCs) and other civil society organisations (CSOs) that work on extractives at national, regional and global level. The annual Alternative Mining Indaba runs concurrently with the Africa Mining Indaba conferences in Cape Town. It is complemented by National Alternative Mining Indabas (NAMIs), Provincial Alternative Mining Indabas (PAMIs) and District Alternative Mining Indabas (DAMIs). The AMI is now perceived to be a process of engagement, dialogue and training rather than an event.


Our objectives have been and remain to:

  1. Break the historic chain of revenue mismanagement and displacement of mining-affected communities without compensation
  2. Endorse and advocate for the implementation of policies such as the SADC Mining Protocol, Africa Mining Vision and the Southern Africa Resource Barometer
  3. Formulate alternative policies that promote the management of non-renewable natural resources within a sustainable development framework, while maximizing social developments and mitigating the social and environmental effects of mining.
  4. Formulate and promote policies that encourage African countries to be accountable and transparent in the governance of revenues from industries such as the mining sector,.
  5. Enforce a moral voice and promote ethical standards in the extractives sector
  6. EJN values the contribution made by topics such as Illicit Financial Flows and how this could be used as an entry point to address the challenges developing countries are confronted with in their efforts to increase financing for development.

The Alternative Mining Indaba