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Voice of the Church in the Reg

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The Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA spent an exciting two days with Programe Officers of the National Christian Councils, deliberating on emerging development issues in the region and the challenges faced by the Church in fighting poverty, unemployment and inequality.


To say the two days were truly invigorating and convivial is an understatement as we workshopped a Strategic Plan that will put the Church, the National Christian Councils and EJN at the Centre of fighting for the poor and marginalized communities that look to the Church for answers in their daily struggles. The Strategic Plan looks at creating a vibrant Prophetic Voice of the Church on development issues in the region that is in service to reverse the ravages of poverty and inequality that have been exacerbated by the rampant COVID-19 pandemic.


We aim to launch into our Strategic Plan right away and hope to restore our faith in the fellowship we have enjoyed with the Christian Councils since inception. Their input and discussion of our Strategic Plan was incisive and puts EJN on the path to success and fulfils our ambition to strengthen the Church’s work in the region.


The focus of our workshop was to re-awaken our fellowship, build a sustainable Strategic Plan for EJN and explore Joint Programming and Planning on mutual issues and thematic areas. We discussed many topics and challenges that affect the Church’s work in the region, centering on the need to harness the diversity of skills and expertise that sits within the Church Councils and the many opportunities available for the Church to uplift the lives of poor and marginalized people and bear Prophetic Witness through our collaboration and collective mobilization.



The EJN Strategic Plan for the next five years has taken shape and will focus on the Board-approved pillars which are to:

  • Build collective ecumenical advocacy for economic justice in Southern Africa
  • Influence economic and social policies to support economic justice principles that forge structural changes to address entrenched poverty and inequities
  • Mobilize the most economically excluded members of communities throughout the SADC region to effectively be their own powerful voices for economic justice.


Cross-Cutting Themes


  • Capacity Building for Economic Literacy & Advocacy
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Extractive Economies & Tax Justice
  • Food Security & Agriculture
  • Gender
  • Youth


The pillars will be supported by the External and Internal Priorities that have been identified as integral to a successful implementation of the Strategic Plan and which will enjoin us and the National Christian Councils to ensure that the Church takes center stage pushing for cohesive approaches in development work in the region to create conducive conditions for poor and marginalized people of the region to thrive. The Priorities have been identified as:




  1. Build effective ecumenical solidarity and advocacy capacity to intervene in the national and regional shared contexts of socioeconomic injustice, poverty, and inequalities that affect Christian faith communities and SADC Citizens in the region
  2. Bridge the knowledge gaps on critical economic justice issues impacting church and marginalized communities in Southern Africa through research and innovative knowledge-sharing platforms to support and strengthen National Christian Councils, EJN, and Partner organizations’ advocacy interventions
  3. Facilitate the implementation of programes and civil society engagement on priority issues within the SADC region, particularly through: debt, extractives, tax justice, trade, food security, and SADC policies
  4. Promote policies and practical pathways to economic inclusion, participatory development, and sustainable livelihoods for youth and women in the SADC region
  5. Strengthen and increase EJN network development and impact through partnering with similar networks in Southern Africa, the African Continent, and International Organizations to build high-impact shared strategies and processes to address economic justice issues of global concern.



We will lift and amplify our voice by focusing on two of our Internal Priorities:

  • Voice & Visibility (Communications; Knowledge Production, Development & Sharing)
  • Build an EJN-FOCCISSA joint Theory of Change that maximizes the network’s shared power of Christian ethics and public theology to drive cohesive, coherent alignment, and empowered advocacy for economic



In addition, we are launching Radio iLIZWI – the VOICE which will soon reach you through your PC, laptop and mobile phone….and it will be sizzling hot, with the MESSAGE of the Day, your current news on your favorite development stories and your views!




We will be broadcasting from all over the SADC Region…We could be in your city, town locale…speaking to you and your friends and partners on your favorite topics to do with your work.


Tune in to listen to us on https://ejn.org.za/en/online-radio/ and spend a few moments with us each day as we find solutions to everyday challenges.